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The Entertainment Industries Council (EIC) in collaboration with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
Announces a Special Webcast Series for Media Professionals!

Part 4: Taking the First Step!
WEDNESDAY, August 3, 2016

Email [email protected] to registerDo you have a specific question related to recovery? Submit it to [email protected]


Part 3: First Responders, Crisis Intervention! LIVE! May 11 at 2PM Eastern

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An interview with Mark Perrino was recorded after the live webcast to supplement the event archive.                                               
View that interview here.

Our esteemed panelists will discuss the procedures and measures that have to be taken at first response to a crisis situation. In addition, they will also dialogue about the importance of first responders as well as what is being done correctly in terms of crisis intervention. They will shed light on their experiences; both first-hand and professional, during an interactive webcast that will focus on the power that the entertainment writer can have in reducing the discrimination t
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August 3rd Webcast Information

Our esteemed panelists will prepare you for something no one ever wants to experience. You may know or even find someone later who will need you to intervene. When the time comes you will want to know what to do and where to begin. There are dozens of resources and services available from the most general lifelines to specialized services. Tune into our next webcast to find out what the first steps are.

The conversation will begin with the basics: if you have to call 911 and suspect an opioid overdose, relay this information to the 911 operator!

Meet the Panelists

jessica nickel Jessica Nickel
Executive Director of the Addiction Policy Forum and 129ADay
 Prior to starting the Brimley Group, Jessica  served as the Director of Government Affairs  for the Council of State Governments Justice  Center (CSG). During her tenure, Jessica  coordinated efforts to pass legislative  measures such as the Second Chance Act,  increase funding and reauthorizing the  Mentally Ill Offender Treatment and Crime  Reduction Act. Previously, Jessica worked as a legislative aid for Senator Rob Portman while he was in the House, developing policy strategies in several issue areas including Social Security, substance abuse, and crime. In 1998, Jessica was appointed by President Bill Clinton to serve on the Drug-Free Communities Commission that helped guide the implementation of the Drug-Free Communities Act of 1997, where she also went on to serve as co-chair.
Nick Nicholas Yacoub
Regional Supervisor and Certified Peer Specialist
FOR SAARA Northern Virginia

 Nick is an addiction recovery focused certified  peer specialist. While studying psychology at  George Mason University and working three  part-time jobs, Nick began volunteering for  SAARA of Virginia. As a person in recovery, he  drew his resiliency from the Greater Recovery  Community of Northern Virginia. He has and  continues to share his experience with  lawmakers on Capitol Hill as a recovery advocate. In his spare time, he enjoys the great outdoors and is an avid fan of video games and the Walking Dead.

Shelly Modes
faith. truth. love. connection.


i’ve been doing the clean life since the intervention i held for my child who became addicted to prescription drugs after the deaths of his two dearest friends. gratefully he is in recovery. i wish i’d started the clean life sooner. i wish i’d never taken that first drink in high school and lived the life i am living now.  i believe in clean & sober. clean & sober is alive. sexy. fun. beautiful. passionate. spiritual. amazing. deep. totally cool. hip. wise. generous. connected. enthusiastic. joyful. real.

I created “recovering the relatives” youtube show in response to the numerous requests from families for support and education.
LeslieGlass Moderator

Leslie Glass
President, CEO Reach Out Recovery

Leslie Glass is an award-winning filmmaker, author, philanthropist, journalist, and founder/CEO of Reach Out Recovery. As a crime novelist, Leslie was an expert on the law enforcement side of substance abuse. She is the author of 15 novels including 9 NY Times and USA Today bestselling crime novels featuring NYPD Det. Sgt. April Woo. Leslie's experience with teen addiction and recovery in her own family years ago inspired her to change careers in 2010 and devote herself to helping other families dealing with addiction.

Be sure to join us August 3rd!

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